Design Process: Digital Bounds Theme

In the last few months we’ve been busy with a brand spanking new theme for the Digital Bounds Technology Blog. This new theme is a totally different take on our previous version because it puts a lot of content beautifully in front of the viewer. The main focus of the redesign was to make navigating the site a lot simpler, in the past version every thing was really crammed together and a lot of unnecessary information was being displayed. With that being a major downfall of the last theme we decided to keep the new one sleek, interesting, and well spaced out.

The sleek part of the theme is really taken into full consideration on the homepage where the articles are displayed. In the previous theme the cover image was displayed with a very hard to read title and an unnecessary blurb from the article. With this new theme we wanted to make the article titles really easy to read and also to display the author and the date published which not previously displayed. We also felt that the blurb from the article was not necessary and didn’t provide anything towards the user so we cut that part out.

The interesting part of the theme is really taken into account in the top bar. We wanted something that caught the users eye right when they navigated to the website. The background image on the top of the page can also be changed to be themed towards an event that Leon is at or anything else he wants to change it to. This makes the top very functional on top of all the other article and social links that made a home there too.

The spaced out part of this new theme was personally a very big concentration of mine. In the last theme everything was very crammed together which did not make the site flow together well at all. We made sure that everything had a well deserved amount of padding and also made the text in articles spaced out and bigger to make it more pleasurable to read.

This theme is by far my favorite one that we have done so far, it brings a lot of elements together and nicely displays them to the user. Leon has said countless times how we cannot keep his eyes off this theme and we really do hope that it servers him well in the future.

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