How to be a Facebook Page Ninja

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Facebook has become a driver for sales, views, and conversation. Engagement rates on Facebook are higher than any other social platform. Customer acquisition costs are also lower on Facebook than having to do research, marketing, and accessibility of the social network. These factors have made Facebook essential in any company’s plans for marketing and being on social media. While Twitter is a great place to help users, and talk to them in an open forum. Facebook’s platform is the biggest driver for sales and views.

Facebook is the biggest driver of sales and views for websites and physical locations

Understanding Facebook’s pages for business isn’t always an easy task. There are numerous hubs and hoops you have to jump through, to get your page up and running. Once you do get set up with your page, the hassle doesn’t end. You’ll need to manage messages with customers, post during high engagement times, and understand how to target key customers on the biggest social network. There are also key ways to share to boost engagement like using live videos or paying to promote the content. The Facebook algorithms don’t always push new updates into a user’s newsfeed.

In this Article, we are going to give you some tips to become a Facebook Page Ninja. I’ve helped grow Facebook Pages from 10 likes to well over 10,000 likes, boosting sales and driving traffic to pages. I’ve also helped keep customer acquisition cost low and helped increase brand awareness.

Initial setup

Facebook uses a step by step process to setup a new Facebook Page. The process asks what industry your company is in, the page’s name, profile picture, along with the preferred audience. Once you’ve been walked through the process, you can still tweak the page to make it more appealing to users and your business. You’re able to add contact info, manage your tabs, and add information like the year the company was founded. Filing out as much as the information is relevant for users who want to find out more about your business but also a great way to store all your valuable information.

Part of starting a new Facebook page is getting people to like the page. Facebook understands this is hard, but they also know your network of friends and family are willing to help you out. You’re able to invite all your Facebook friends to like your page to gain a few likes, maybe even a couple of hundreds likes before you start telling customers about your page. Facebook also makes creating targeted ads campaigns easy-ish, so you gain from potential customers.

Targeted ad campaign

Using target ad campaigns mean you can promote your page, promote your website, or promote a contact our page on Facebook. If you want to drive traffic to your site over the long term, I would recommend growing your page first, and then boosting different post pages. Targeting your potential audience is somewhat easy with Facebook’s robust user base.

If you’re a coffee shop in Austin Texas, you can look around Facebook for other coffee shops that you’re competing with. Then you’re able to target those customers to like your page, and in turn, be exposed to your updates and explain to them how your coffee is better. The same goes for an online business. If you’re a culture and music blog based out of Austin, you can not only target your local region for music lovers but also target users who like Rolling Stones or other music websites. Of course, Facebook lets you target users by age, location, interest, and other info.

How to target customers:

  • Target by pages customers already like
  • Targeted by location
  • Targeted by age
  • Targeted by interests

Editorial Calendar

Having millions of likes or users contacting you isn’t useful if you’re not posting content to the page. The highest driver of traffic is video and live videos, but having images or gifs on a post will also boost users engagement. Using tools like Trello and Buffer to schedule posts mean you can reach the most potential customers at prime times, and still keep your sanity. Trello lets you plan out tweets/posts and with Buffer you’re able to schedule posts.

You’re also able to plan for when you’re going to publish videos or do a Facebook live video. Having consistent posts on your page at prime times is important in driving traffic to your website, app, or coffee shop. This means posting multiple times a day and analyzing what times is the best performing.


Using Facebook is a must these days. There are billions of users checking Facebook regularly, and if you’re in their news feed, you’re in their minds. Getting into a user’s news feed means having them like your page, boosting posts, and advertising videos. It also means timing your post perfectly to reach the most users without spending thousands in reaching your customers. Facebook also allows you to talk to customers through Messenger or even in some cases you can build a bot. There other routes in gaining Facebook likes from asking customers to like the page in the store to get the Wifi password, or giving them a discount code online.

List Form of tips:

  • Post during the right time, boosting user engagement
  • Use videos and live videos to gain more attention
  • Use targeted ad campaigns to reach more potential customers
  • Use an editorial calendar on Trello
  • Use Buffer to schedule videos, pictures and other written posts

Facebook is important and with these tips you can become a Facebook Page Ninja! If you want to outsource the work to give you more time to make coffee, or sale goods online our team of Ninja’s can help shape your brand and give it the unique voice you want. We’ve helped YouTubers, media companies , photographers, and even coffee shops grow on Facebook.

Reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or use our very own contact us page! Also, you can follow me on social media @leonhitchens everywhere or read my tech coverage on Digital Bounds.

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