How To Be A Twitter Ninja

Twitter has incredible value for any small business, brand, or internet dweller looking to grow their influence. I’m an active Twitter user since early 2010, and I’ve met amazing friends and colleagues on the social media service. Twitter is complicated and not easy to break it, especially with millions of users on the site.

Marketing in a world of buzz is increasingly hard, but quality content and sometimes perfect timing is what it takes to break through. Finding an audience and connecting with them is the most difficult part, but the most rewarding experience. Along with the conversation, you’ll get your product or service in front of thousands of followers by just interacting with users. It’s free advertising and builds a brand where customers will want to return to you because they trust you and, in the end, they feel like they’re friends with the people behind your brand.

Follow Influencers

Twitter is the one service you’re given the attention of millions of people even if they’re not following you. On top attention of ordinary users you’re given the opportunity to talk to famous users who run Fortune 500 companies, are YouTube stars, or movie stars. Those users are bombarded with tweets and hearts but time to time a great tweet could get to them, and they could retweet it or respond to what you said.

Beyond interacting with users, you’re able to reach potential customers on the platform. Following trends, following hashtags, and following influential users can make growing your business easier. Being a technology journalist I follow fellow tech journalists, but I also follow other blogs, technology companies, and founders of startups. It gives me access to the thoughts and ideas of the founders and startups, along with the opportunity to talk to these amazing folks.

Interact With Users

Tweeting out links and how you can sell some products is dandy. However, it’s not going to help your business in any way. If you’re only tweeting out and not responding to users, it can make your brand feel cold and removed from what your potential customers want. Talking to users who send out cool links or have problems makes them see you’re an active Twitter user but also someone who’d they ought to follow.

Replying to those users means they’re replying back, and in turn, their followers will wonder who they’re replying to. It means more exposure to more users, which isn’t possible with traditional advertising. Those users can answer to you, ask questions, or even ask if you can do work or where they could buy your product.

Use TweetDeck & Buffer

Now managing replies, hashtags, trends, and marketing campaigns is a hassle with the official Twitter app or Twitter website. If you’re on any computer, you’re able to use TweetDeck, which lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts, separate different columns for hashtags or trends. I would recommend setting up replies, your feed, and having different columns for hashtags relating to your business. Let’s say you’re selling shoes to customers, and you find a hashtag relating to people looking for shoes. You can reply to those users telling them to head over to your site for the best shoes on the internet.

The other important part of Twitter is staying relevant. If you don’t tweet at the right time, you’re going to miss out on the primary customers. Buffer and are places where you can schedule tweets to go out when your customers are most active. They also let you manage your Facebook, Google+, and other social accounts. You’re able to post videos, pictures, and other amazing content for your social accounts. If you have tweets, 3 or 4 times a day customers will always see your content even if they miss something earlier.


Twitter is a powerful tool for advertising and marketing. A lot of businesses dismiss the service because everyone says Twitter is dead or isn’t popular around normals. Twitter is a place where artists, creatives, business men and women, and highly affluent users all interact together. If you watch any newscast, TV show, or see content, you’ll understand everyone with an influence is on Twitter, and as the service grows even more potential users could join the service.

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