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  • Here at Ninjality, we strive to build social experiences for small close knit communities. We, of course, apply this thinking to our clients when we're building them websites, apps, or working to brand their newly minted company. We’re also working towards building our community around developers and designers. CodeBee.io is one of the handfuls of apps and services we’re working on to solve our problems, but also to refine our skill sets and test new ideas and development plans.

  • Git is very important to our work here at Ninjality. All the code that is written is stored in repositories so that it can be backed up and shared amongst the team. In regards to open source, we think that it is very important to contribute by sharing code so that others can learn from it, use it for their own projects, and overall grow the community. GitHub is a code hosting platform for Git that incorporates social features, and we've posted some of our projects on it such as socialshares and devnews. We've realized that learning how to use GitHub isn't easy, but it's not impossible to become a GitHub Ninja thanks to the following tips.

  • Facebook Instant Articles are stripped down version of your blog hosted on Facebook’s servers. The pages load *instantly’ *and have minimal branding from your site. While many publishers argue the Instant Articles are bad for publishers, they have higher engagement and read time than a standard web page. We'll help you set up Facebook Instant Articles on your WordPress install.

  • The internet as a whole is noisy, busy, and increasingly hard to get users to comment, like, or more importantly share your article, website, or other content you’ve created. The problem with users is not everyone wants to create a new account to comment or use your service because it’s another account, another email, another annoying app they’ll need. You have to go above and beyond to get eyes, and more importantly users engaging with the services or content you’ve created.

  • Managing anything in the age of the internet is a nightmare. Employees are distributed, not every tool integrates, and communication can and is always a nightmare. There are some amazing tools online to help manage an unruly project, but they can be expensive and in themselves hard to manage. At Ninjality, we use some free project management tools including Trello and Slack. In addition to those services, we use Google Docs and Github to further the project and allow for easy collaboration.

  • In the first part of this tutorial series, I explained why you would want to use React and the concepts of components and state. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, I highly recommend for you to read that article. In this second part, I want to get into the fun stuff—writing code.

  • Writing isn’t easy. We may write tweets, texts, or Facebook statuses, however writing a blog post or something more substantial can be challenging and daunting. With the rise of Medium, Svbtle, or other long-form blogging platforms, writing a blog post with 500 or 1000 or 2000 words is commonplace. While I write on a daily basis, most folks on the internet don’t write more than 140 characters.

  • Discusses the design process that Ninjality uses for their projects and client projects.

  • Twitter has incredible value for any small business, brand, or internet dweller looking to grow their influence. I’m an active Twitter user since early 2010, and I’ve met amazing friends and colleagues on the social media service. Twitter is complicated and not easy to break it, especially with millions of users on the site.

  • This article is the first part in a series of tutorials that I will be writing about ReactJS. I am in the process of learning React and I think it would be valuable for you to join me on this journey as I explain things from a lower point of view. In this part, I will focus on the concepts of React and show what writing this code would look like. In the next part I will get into setting up an actual project.

  • I’ve been using WordPress since early 2010 and have seen the blogging platform become a larger Content Management System (CMS). I have become an expert with WordPress, learning the in's and out's, and mistakes people make when they're first starting to set up a site.

  • At Ninjality, we like to constantly iterate on everything that we do. We market ourselves as ninjas, but we're far from perfect, and so we decided that we could do better with our current design. Not only that, but our goals for the company are evolving as we move to improving our services and overall image. With that, let's check out everything that is new.

  • An article discussing how we moved over to a new server infrastructure with Laravel Forge. We're now running faster with NGINX and HHVM.

  • We discuss our design process with the Digital Bounds redesign.

  • We talk about the new year, design refresh, and future plans for Hylus and our YouTube channel.

  • A post keeping you updated on the work we have been doing lately

  • A post announcing the redesign of Ninjality and the addition of a blog.