Streamlining Our Design

At Ninjality, we like to constantly iterate on everything that we do. We market ourselves as ninjas, but we’re far from perfect, and so we decided that we could do better with our current design. Not only that, but our goals for the company are evolving as we move to improving our services and overall image. With that, let’s check out everything that is new.

The Redesign

As with any redesign process, we decide what the feel of the new design should be. We wanted a much cleaner look that portrayed a professional service. We changed absolute everything: the logo, slogan, and overall layout.

The logo is quite clever and we’re very proud of it. The </> symbol is common in the web development industry, and we wrapped a ninja headband around it to combine what Ninjality is about (web development and being awesome ninjas of course). The navigation that you see to the right of the header has been refined as well, only displaying 4 links and giving importance to working with us.

What you will probably notice on the home page is the large background image with our new slogan on it. This is a common technique that we think works well visually. You can then find out more by reading and viewing our projects.

The entire site matches very well with this new design (or we like to think so). We gave importance to our projects by creating case study pages, which all feature a vivid image at the top.

The technology behind this redesign is somewhat interesting. We decided to go with a no-framework approach, and simply used the CSS Flexbox approach to layout. While we still love to use frameworks to quicken our process, we wanted to learn new things and display our skill set with the site itself.

Our New Goal

We still adhere to our original goal of doing a web design service for people, and creating our own ideas. However, we want to focus on what we do best, which is creating an entire business and centering a social community around it. We are great at building social applications, which you can see within our project portfolio.

This approach hopefully streamlines our entire business and attracts clients that we would love to work with. Of course, we are still open to hearing from anyone so if you have a great idea or need a web service, let us know.

Projects, projects, projects!

We’ve also been working on other things, of course. If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve probably heard about CodeBee. It’s an upcoming project that we hope to release this month. We’ve actually been very active in streaming the development process on the new platform Typically our lead developer, Sunny, streams it on his account. CodeBee will be mainly for developers and designers who want to learn or share their work through tutorials, questions, and projects. We hope that it will be a great social platform.

Another project that we recently released is socialshares. It’s a great way to embed social sharing buttons without the hassle of slow web pages, privacy concerns, or inconsistently designed buttons.

That’s all from us this time. Let us know what you think of the redesign!

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