Twitter accounts to follow for developers

For professionals, Twitter is used as a way of growing your network of like-minded people, or potentially going outside your comfort zone in hopes of learning a new skill. As a developer, I am always on the lookout for people who are way smarter than me that I’d love to learn from via their tweets, or sometimes just want to stay up to date on news. Here are some that I recommend.


Lea Verou's Twitter

Lea Verou is a good example of someone who dedicates their focus on a single aspect of the web and surfaces knowledge about things that you probably didn’t know about. She typically writes about the intricacies of CSS and general web topics on her blog, but has also written numerous JavaScript libraries such as Prism.


Mattias P Johansson's Twitter

I came across Mattias through his YouTube show, Fun Fun Function, which he tweets about whenever he releases a new video. I’ve quickly learned that not only does he have a lot of experience in the programming world, but he also has smart insights on typical discussions in this industry.


Google Developers' Twitter

Google is invested in the web, and that can be clearly seen from their presence in the community. You can find various things on their Google Developers account such as open source projects, new videos, and announcements of new APIs.


Smashing Magazine's Twitter

Smashing Magazine has consistently been a good source for tutorials, discussions, and news for developers. I’m always excited to see a new tweet about designing interfaces, development stacks, tools, or usability. They don’t always tweet about articles on their own site either, I always find an interesting topic that’s linked to a personal blog.


Regular Expression's Twitter

This is one account that I think every developer who has touched the unwieldy land of regular expressions should follow. Regex can be extremely useful for certain tasks, but understanding the syntax can forever to learn. With daily tweets, RegexTips can help you learn with simple tips.


And of course, we think you should follow us! There’s our main @ninjalitydesign account where we can notify you of new articles or offer our development, design, and business insights. Also check out @getdevnews which will be devoted towards developer news. Finally, I tweet about numerous things, sometimes about code, on @sunnysinghio.

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